You Hope-Ring-Seal & Scribe
You Hope-Ring-Seal & Scribe
You Hope-Ring-Seal & Scribe

You Hope

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Our Charm rings are fun, flirty, and versatile too. Wear them as a ring or put them on a chain or cord, charm holder or pinch lock and voila, you have pendant! This one highlights a Georgian-era (est. circa late 1700's - early 1800's) bloodstone, hand-etched with a Yew tree and an Anchor. This is a 'rebus' - a word puzzle made with images standing in for the text. The Yew tree stands in for the word 'You', while the Anchor symbolizes 'Hope'. The meaning of this little gem - You Hope. Who couldn't use more Hope in their life? Set in a hand-made bezel in 14kt yellow gold.

Size 6.5 and sizeable.

Dimensions: 9mm x 8mm