Client Testimonials

"IT IS STUNNING!!! Everything JUST arrived, and we opened it together and saw it live for the first time. My husband is so smitten and taken back by the piece. He loves the play on his namesake and was tickled by the little engraved nickname on the inside of the ring. THANK YOU times Eleventy billion for helping make this happen. I have been dreaming of owning one of your seals since I discovered you years ago. I cannot wait to wear it and show it off!" ~L.~


"I am BEYOND speechless! The ring is weighty but perfectly balanced on my finger, fits like a glove, and the side stones so bring out the beauty of the seal!!!  The design is beyond my expectations and the saying is particularly dear to my heart right now.  Wearing it, I will thank God for steering my ship against tumultuous waters and you for making it for me to recognize that truth.  It truly touches my soul!! ~M.~


"Omg Shari!  It is so beautiful!  I absolutely love it - everything is just magnificent. Since I got my necklace from you back in 2016, I have dreamed of a ring like this.  I still can’t believe it’s real!  I have talked about this ring for YEARS!  I truly appreciate your time and patience with helping me find the perfect seal, and then the perfect setting to blend romance with a bit more masculine setting.  It will truly be a family treasured heirloom." ~S.~ 


"We love your pieces! Your brilliant reinvention of an ancient art has inspired us... You breathe new life into extraordinary pieces with souls of their very own. Thank you for all you do." ~A.~


"You are damn ridiculous! OMG, this is so stunning! This is very precious to us, thank you so much." ~D.S.~


"Here to confirm the full glory and sensory experience of being gifted Seal and Scribe!!!! There is the racing heart and light coating of sweat on your palms when you realize just where your gift is from. Taking a moment to fully bask in the unbelievable fortune you have to be on the receiving end of such delicate grace and beauty translated into jewelry. The chocolate is divine as well!" ~A.S.~


"My absolute DREAM custom ring! Working with Shari, at Seal & Scribe, has been one of the most fulfilling collaborations I’ve ever experienced. We became close when I fell in love with her very first Moon & Stars intaglio ring. For this piece, we discussed style, materials, details, et al! The finished product is more incredible than I ever could have imagined! Thank you Shari, for making dreams come true."   ~ E.~


"Shari, it’s even better than I expected! Craftsmanship is superb! And you are right - the seal appears to be in mint condition! I’m so happy! I feel stronger, and surer with it on. It’s a good commitment to myself, this symbol. Thank you so much!!!   ~M.~


"Love my charm ring so much! Thank you for your beautiful craftwomanship! ~M.~


"This piece is by far my favorite piece of jewelry besides my wedding ring. It hasn’t left my neck except for cleaning and I love telling people the meaning behind it. I feel that it's an heirloom that I can pass to my daughter when she needs to be brave someday. I’m so grateful that Shari had this wonderful idea and that a piece I lamented over still found a way to be mine. Thank you!" ~A.E.~


"The meaning of this piece has evolved for me since I first got it, because it's not just what I intended for it to mean. Now, I have so many wonderful memories that go along with it, whether it was with me at important events, gorgeous places, or when I was with people who mean the world to me. And when I wear it, it's a guarantee that someone will comment and ask about my piece. The comments are usually, 'What a unique piece, what is it?' They love the explanation and the history attached to it! And the quality of the piece is just so beautiful. It's sturdy and feminine. It's rich and practical. But above anything, it is just so special.  ~ K.M. ~


"Shari and I have discussed a trilogy of necklaces to wear layered and separately. I’m thrilled and cannot wait to work together on the next piece. Shari was an absolute dream to work with on this necklace, I cannot recommend her highly enough. It also must be said that seeing your final piece in person exceeds all expectations, they truly are one of a kind masterpieces. Not to mention the exquisite packaging and personalization put into the final presentation."  ~N.C.~


"This necklace has become sort of a talisman for me. It’s so subtle that when I wear it, people really have no clue about its meaning. Just seeing it in my jewelry box makes me smile."  ~A.~


"I'm sitting here in tears at her majesty. More beautiful and subtle than I could have imagined. I am so sincerely grateful for what this little treasure already means to me. If fits perfectly and will always touch my heart...It was truly meant to be!"  ~M.~


"Oh MY GAWD! Opening the box and seeing the ring made me cry actually. My great grandmother should have worn this ring. Thank you for your beautiful craftsmanship."  ~D.S.~


"I've been eyeing this ever since you posted it...decided that I could not pass her up. She will accompany me as a reminder not to neglect myself. Definitely a splurge but totally worth the power it will bring to my days. Thank you for sharing your gift with these beautiful treasures."  ~M.~


"Shari!!! I received my bracelet today! Oh happy day. It has finally come home. It's just stunning - perfect size, beautiful detail, and lovely presentation. I will treasure this. Next up is a ring. Thank you for everything, you've been wonderful!"  ~D.H.~


"Honestly, having a piece custom made by you is a dream...and it means a lot that the designer is giving as much thought and attention to the piece as you are. As a fellow artist, that's just everything!"  ~E.P.~