Unique Jewelry for One-of-a-Kind People

Seal & Scribe was born from the life of a world traveler who was drawn to the elegance, mystery and beauty of bygone eras. Having been captivated by antiques and heirloom jewelry since childhood, designer Shari Cohen became smitten after acquiring the first of many antique intaglio seals. Seeing the unique artistic expression in each piece and the incredible level of craftsmanship and artistry that went into hand-carving these extremely small yet delicately detailed etchings, Shari quickly developed a passion for lovingly restoring each piece as if it were a tiny etching in need of a new ‘frame.’ 

Through her brand Seal & Scribe, Shari travels the globe in search of these tiny treasures, turning them into heirloom-worthy adornment for today’s world. “Each piece is thoughtfully curated and brought back to our workshop where we begin the process of carefully and gently cleaning, restoring and preparing each piece. Once ready, we use mixture of traditional and modern metal smithing techniques to re-frame each seal into lush, hand-crafted gold and platinum settings using a combination of styles that are at once both ancient and contemporary," says Cohen.

Having studied and received degrees in Fine Arts at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Cohen joined the U.S. Peace Corps after obtaining her MFA, shifting gears from the Fine Arts towards a 30-year career in International Relief and Development as a social change capacity development trainer, serving across Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Island regions. She began collecting seals as a way to unwind after stressful overseas assignments, and Seal & Scribe was launched in 2016, after three years of collecting and curating her starter collection of antique intaglio seals. The pandemic changed the landscape of international travel and consulting, allowing Shari to focus on growing Seal & Scribe. Today, she devotes herself full time to bringing truly unique, heirloom-worthy jewelry to clients around the world.

“We strive to bring our clients gorgeous, one-of- a-kind wearable artwork meant to be worn for all of life's moments. Each piece evokes its own unique story - both from its origins, as well as the new stories it becomes infused with from today's wearer – transforming these tiny utilitarian treasures into precious adornment that retains a timeless elegance, an effortless beauty, and a dash of mystery that will be enjoyed for generations to come!"