Dog, Lion & Scallop Coat of Arms-Ring-Seal & Scribe
Dog, Lion & Scallop Coat of Arms-Ring-Seal & Scribe
Dog, Lion & Scallop Coat of Arms-Ring-Seal & Scribe

The Traveler's Ring

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If ever there was a piece that embodied so many wonderful symbols and meanings in one seal, it surely is this beauty! At the top of the seal we see the family crest, a dog, symbolizing faithfulness. Beneath that we have a shield with a rather unusual starburst pattern with alternating smooth and hatched sunburst rays - the perfect compliment for this glowing carnelian that exudes sunshine and warmth as if lit from within! Lastly, we have an escutcheon - a smaller key hole shield-within-a-shield. Inside of this we have a lion rampant - symbolizing courage and strength; and above the lion we have three little scallops shells - the symbol of the traveler.

The scallop shell became the symbol of the traveler because they could be carried easily on a journey and used to scoop food and water. They are also the symbol of The Camino, resulting from St. James' pilgrimage, and are used along that trail to guide travelers. And if that weren't enough, the scallop shell is also an ancient symbol of femininity and fertility. matter how you interpret this one, it's got something for everyone's personal story!

Set in our 18kt royal gold - a deeper, richer yellow gold similar to antique gold - in our 'Swoon' scalloped setting, to pay homage to the scallops within the seal!

Size 7.0 and sizeable.

Dimensions: 27mm x 21mm.