Maiden's Star Coat of Arms-Loose Seal-Seal & Scribe

Maiden's Star Coat of Arms

This seal is deceptively simply, yet very elegantly detailed. Hand-carved into a piece of sultry, smokey quartz, we have a riot of unfurling Acanthus leaves acting as frame to a diamond-shaped shield, also known as a 'lozenge' shaped shield. Heraldry has its origins from associations with warfare and the age of chivalry, and since the traditional shield was also associated with war, women did not usually display familial arms on shields. Rather, they could display these on various other shapes, with the lozenge shape being most popular. Thus we have strong reason to believe that this seal was the property of an unmarried lady of substantial social ranking, possibly of a noble family.

At the center, two stars which represent 'celestial goodness' and 'nobility', either one sounds fairly fabulous, doesn't it?! This beauty would make a fabulous specialty ring, larger sized signet style ring, or a necklace - the choice is yours!

Please email us to discuss custom setting options for this seal.