Fidelite - Faithful-Loose Seal-Seal & Scribe

Fidelite - Faithful

A magnificent marriage seal combining a husband and wife's family crests at the top of the seal with the most perfect motto for a marriage - Fidelite or Faithful! The fleur-de-lis represents French origin, whilst the lion represents English origin - likely a marriage between French and English families. Gorgeous scrolls unfurl the frame the shield itself, which is chock-a-block with meaning and sentiment. Upon the shield itself we have more lions, representing undaunting courage, with keys, representing 'guardianship' or 'dominion', meaning that this marriage was within an important family that oversaw a large amount of land. The perfect size for a mid-sized signet ring or specialty setting ring, or a medium sized necklace.

Please email us to discuss custom setting options for this seal.