Seal & Scribe's 'Love Letters' Collection

Seal & Scribe's 'Love Letters' collection captures the romance of wax seals.

"I’ve been looking forward to sharing today’s post with you since last year, when Shari of Seal & Scribe called me to tell me she was creating this new collection with antique seals and would my readers be interested in hearing about it? Now it’s here and I can’t wait to show you!

First things first: what’s a wax seal? Before modern adhesives, letters were sealed with wax. For special missives, letter writers could add another layer of meaning by pressing a seal into the molten wax before it hardened so that it would leave an impression: a reverse image of any symbols or words engraved on the seal’s surface. This could be a coat of arms, a monogram or – the most fun – images or saying that communicated something about the letter writer’s feelings for the recipient.

People would wait weeks to hear from their loved ones, and when word arrived through the mail, the first thing they would see would be whatever tiny, precisely carved message had been pressed into the missive’s wax seal."

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