Seal & Scribe’s Love Letters Collection

The Love Letters Collection Marries History With Modern Style

by Brittany Siminitz

"Vintage. Color. Signet rings. Three elements of jewelry sitting on the current list of what’s hot among consumers. Putting them all together results in something more niche, though no less temptingly exquisite, with San Diego jeweler Seal & Scribe‘s latest line as proof: Love Letters, a gorgeous offering that celebrates long-ago love.

Featuring intaglios from the Georgian and Victorian eras, the Love Letters capsule collection builds on designer Shari Cohen’s familiarity with the signet ring, combining these colorful amulets from bygone times with modern, wearable styles. Each ring is one-of-a-kind, spotlighting the features of the antique seal in it."

There are three broad categories of seals, Cohen explains: glass Tassie seals, the type used in her collection, hardstone seals (made of carnelian, bloodstone, or agates), and gemstone seals (amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, and occasionally sapphire). “Working with glass seals proves the most challenging because the material can be brittle and sometimes contains artifice that got into the molds, like small pieces of debris that are like a sand grain, or sometimes air bubbles,” she says.

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