Seal & Scribe: Antique Treasures Turned Into Modern Meaningful Jewels

By Beth Bernstein for Bejeweled Magazine

In conversation with designer Shari Cohen, owner and designer of Seal & Scribe, who is the original designer behind modernizing antique glass intaglios from the 18th and 19th century—historical and sentimental treasures into contemporary meaningful jewelry. She hunts down and  finds the most charming, sentimental, and symbolic mottoes, sayings and rebus intaglios and then creates contemporary ring and pendant settings around each of them. When she adds gemstones, it further captures the feeling or significance of the piece so that each part of her designs tell more of a tale that resonates with both antique collectors and modern jewelry aficionados.

What is it you love about being a jewelry designer?

“I get such a thrill when I can create a ‘love match’ between a seal and a client. I know when it is right, when my client starts opening up and starts telling me the story of why that particular seal resonates with them. Creating a piece of fine jewelry that embodies a piece of someone’s  story, brings something special to their daily life and that my pieces are worn as personal talisman daily  is a very special privilege and an  intimate experience to have with ones clients.”

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