S&S Collector's Series #1: Solid Gold Dreams

We're so excited to begin a series which we've been contemplating for months now, our Seal & Scribe Collector's Series, an homage to those clients who have become collectors of S&S! We are starting off with our beautiful client, Diane, who has a passion for our Solid Gold line.

As Seal & Scribe has grown, so too has our clientele who have become collectors of S&S. It's fascinating to see what sort of pieces a client will add to their collection, and as we begin to understand what draws a particular client to a specific piece we will reach out to them when something comes our way that seems like a good match. It's very much like matchmaking, but with jewelry!

In this example, our client, Diane, has a deep love for our Solid Gold line and is building a very lovely and cohesive collection. Her first S&S piece was our Love Story Bangle (lower right), which is hand-pulled 18k gold, with three 18k hand-cast seal charms set in 18k white gold. It's a 'love' theme and is the sort of bracelet that one can wear with anything, at any time!

Next came her acquisition of our Love Shield (upper right & lower left) - do you see a theme emerging here?! For the inscription on the reverse, our client chose an age old motto that is often found on seals - Qui me néglige, me perd or Who neglects me, loses me - words to affirm ones' self worth, yes?

Most recently, our client added our new Starry Night necklace to her growing collection. She chose our 'The Strongest Can Be Frightened of Nothing' piece (upper left), a sage reminder to go boldly into the world never letting fear hold you back. A trio of three very special pieces, each one telling its own story, but when combined, tell a new story of a collector's passion for talismans of love and empowerment.

Our hope, as with all our pieces, is that she will enjoy them for many years to come, and one day pass them on to the next generation, filled with the stories of her life!

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