Love Letters: Seals of Approval

Seal & Scribe has won admirers with its repurposing of antique seals as luxurious jewellery. With its first-ever collection dedicated to love, can it win hearts too?

By Rachael Taylor

A winged, cherubic Cupid softly stoops to better deal with his load: a wheelbarrow tipped to overflow with hearts. Above his head arcs the French word choisissez; each letter carefully carved onto a mould in an imperfect script that could only have been made by hand, and then cast in bottle-green glass. Choose, it implores us… choose love.

Shari Cohen, founder of San Diego-based jewellery house Seal & Scribe, has indeed chosen. Love Letters, a collection of nine rings set with antique seals, celebrates romance in all its forms.

Each has a pleasingly quixotic sentiment, with inscriptions including il est a vous (he’s yours) and sempre più t'amo (I love you more and more). Some rely on imagery alone, such as the Seal & Scribe ring titled The Higher They Fly, The Tighter The Bond, which has at its centre an aqua glass seal with an engraving of two birds holding a knotted rope between them as one flies off.

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