Client Stories #3: Who Neglects Me, Loses Me


"For most of my life, I’ve been accused of being 'too nice'.  And over the years, some have even gone so far as to say that I am a 'doormat'.  In my thirties and forties this was something I really worked on, and I developed a LOT more confidence and learned how to speak my mind and say 'no' when I wanted to.  One day in my late forties, I had just kicked a guy to the curb because he was not treating me in the way that I deserved or wanted to be treated.  I was scrolling through the Seal & Scribe site (I’d been following on Instagram for quite some time) and one necklace jumped out at me - it depicts a bird flying out of a cage. The motto is in French and it says Qui me Néglige Perd, and in English it translates to Who Neglects Me, Loses Me.  It was exactly spot on to what I was feeling!  I ordered it that day as a reminder that I am in control of my life and who is in it. I never need to stay in a relationship, romantic or platonic, where I am not treated appropriately.

This necklace has become a talisman for me. It’s so subtle that when I wear it, people really have no clue about its meaning to me, and just seeing it in my jewelry box makes me smile!"

~ Amy ~


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