Client Stories #2: I Will Return


"I first came across Seal & Scribe on Instagram when they had a storytelling competition to find a piece that you identified with. When I saw the I Will Return piece I was instantly intrigued by the sentiment and symbolism that I naturally link to a life I know, a life at sea. The words I Will Return, engraved on the pendant, are the words we whisper as we leave our homes - be it on land or at sea - our loved ones, and our familiarity. I Will Return is not only a promise to those we leave behind, but also a pact we unconsciously make with ourselves. I Will Return gives everyone a sense of hope and comfort, wherever you may be. We have a long tradition of nautical affiliations with these words. The sparrow, for example, is a symbol of safe return home or a victory earned through a hardship endured. I WILL RETURN. Three little words I'd love to hear more often.

"I bought the I Will Return necklace in late 2018, with the hope that it, and the new year, would bring new and exciting adventures, including returning to our company's flagship in the highest position as Master. The delicate inscription on the antique intaglio seal seemed perfectly fitting for a 2019 motto. With this in mind, it was a reminder to be a reflection of what you'd like to receive. If you want love, give love. If you want truth, be truthful. What you give out WILL ALWAYS RETURN.

"The meaning of this piece has evolved for me, because it's not just what I intended for it to mean. Now, I have so many wonderful memories that go along with it, whether it was with me at important events, gorgeous places, or when I was with people who mean the world to me. And when I wear it, it's a guarantee that someone will comment and ask about my piece. The comments are usually, "What a unique piece, what is it?" They love the explanation and the history attached to it! And the quality of the piece is just so beautiful. It's sturdy and feminine. It's rich and practical. But above anything, it is just so special.

~ Captain Kate McCue ~

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