Client Stories #1: The Strongest Can Be Frightened of Nothing


"I found Seal and Scribe on Instagram in early 2017.  Besides being beautiful pieces of history, the necklaces and rings were so special in that they all had a meaning and you could find one that pertained to you, making it so personal.  I found all of the pieces gorgeous and followed along on Instagram waiting for one that spoke to me.

That happened in May, 2017. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I’m no stranger to scary medical situations as I also had congenital heart disease as a teen that required surgery.  This time, the stakes were higher - I had a husband and three young children.  I had to put on my brave face and assure them that I was not afraid.  There was a seal pendant featuring a lion with a French saying - "Le Plus Fort Peut S'Effrayer d'un Rien" - that translated to "The Strongest Can Be Frightened of Nothing".   I had to have it.  I decided I’d get through the surgery first and then order it.  When I got home from the hospital, the pendant had been purchased by someone else.

It was hard to be upset in light of the fact that I just survived brain surgery, but still, I really wanted it and felt like it was 'meant for me’.   When the pathology came back that the tumor was cancer and I was staring radiation and a year of chemo in the face, I contacted Shari to see if whomever bought it might be convinced to sell it and she told me that she had an idea...Because it was such a wonderful seal, she had made a mold of it, thinking that at some point she would try to create a solid gold version.  She ended up casting me a solid gold pendant of the lion seal from a mold of the original!  Voila!

I’ve worn it for chemotherapy, doctor visits, scans, blood work, and radiation. It was always there, reminding me that I’m strong and brave.  This piece is by far my favorite piece of jewelry besides my wedding ring.  It hasn’t left my neck except for cleaning, and I love telling people the meaning behind it.  I feel that it is an heirloom that I can pass to my daughter when she needs to be brave someday.  I’m so grateful that Shari had this wonderful idea and that a piece I lamented over still found a way to be mine.  Thank you!!!"

~Angie Edminster~

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  • What a wonderful story! You are strong, brave, and courageous all rolled into one. Stay the course, and I’m sending my very, very best. ❤️


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