Chronicles of Love

An Enchanting Journey with the Love Letters Jewelry Collection

By Laura Astrologo Porché

Seal & Scribe's Love Letters collection, by San Diego-based jeweler Shari Cohen is a celebration of romance and a nostalgic journey through the world of glyptics.

The romanticism of this exquisite capsule collection of ancient seals expertly mounted in rings by Shari is well represented by Eros/Cupidus and in Latin, Amor, god of divine love. Anyone who wears these signet rings will be in harmony with the motto that each one carries. A message that comes from ancient times but still remains relevant today. The glyptics’ roots trace back to the Ptolemaic era, traversing ancient Greece and Rome. Rings served as seals to close correspondence, a tradition that regained popularity during the Renaissance and the Neoclassical period. For instance, Caroline Bonaparte, Queen of Naples, was an avid enthusiast of ancient glyptics, influencing the incorporation of this trend into jewelry. From there, it spread to France during the Napoleonic era and to Great Britain during Georgian and Victorian periods.

The term “intaglio” is derived from the Italian verb “intagliare“, meaning to carve. It’s a sculptural technique where a design is engraved into a material of various types. In contrast to cameos, which feature raised figures, intaglios have designs incised onto the surface of a gem or a glass, making them well-suited for seals. Historically, these engraved designs, when inked, were used to imprint images or monograms onto wax or clay. This unique characteristic made intaglios particularly ideal for creating seals that could authenticate documents or letters. This intersection of artistry and functionality showcases the enduring charm of the Love Letters Collection, capturing the essence of a bygone era in each meticulously crafted piece.

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